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DuoDrip: the Coffee Rubik's Cube of Davide Berti?

DuoDrip: the Coffee Rubik's Cube of Davide Berti?
20 May 2016


"I like to name the DuoDrip the new ‘Rubik's Cube’ of coffee, as it allows to give free rein to experiment with regard to mixology" Says Davide Berti, author of the Double Metal Cone, "While the balance of the Rubik's Cube is to be found in the colour re-alignment of the 6 faces of the cube, the balance that must be sought with the Double Cone has to be found in the multiplicity of the solutions that can be obtained by mixing together different blends and different aromas".


With DuoDrip it is possible to operate an extraction by percolation from one cone to the other: the liquid extracted from the ground coffee on the fist cone is extracted a second time trought a mixture of coffee mixed with tea, pieces of dried or fresh fruits, spices, and anything  that may ispire  the user's fantasy. Those who have already tried the double cone knows that it is not possible to resist the temptation to jump in the game of the joints, to test the potential offered by this tool, to try to get all the possible combinations.

We are infact receiving from the world of mixology (or the art of mixed drinks) clear signs on the importance to respect the delicate balance and perfect harmony between all the ingredients, alcoholic and not, successfully dosed to perfection.


Davide, Italian champion CIGS 2016, following his own taste and sensory experience gained over the years, is introducing a new way of extracting coffee for hot, cold or alcoholic recipes, using ingredients which, when added to coffee, are able to enhance the aromas of spices, citrus shades or the pleasant bitterness of the cocoa. .