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by Davide Berti, the ultimate V60 brewing experience to exalt all the aromas of Specialty Coffee Blends

DuoDrip is a Metal Double Cone with an innovative extraction method which allows the barista to get the perfect channellings, using different recipes and combinations.

It is possible to use during the same extraction the characteristics of both percolation and irroration to distinguish all the aromatic notes of Specialty Coffee Blends.

With no need for a paper filter or for pre-infusion, the extraction time is faster compared to other methods and the cup result is very pleasant and balanced.

Using this method, the pre-infusion is not needed, since the upper cone is positioned inside the bottom cone and the liquid extracted by the first cone is irrorated directly from the central point of the coffee positioned in the second cone. 

2 different wires for 2 different results:

- Cone with fine wire: for a slow extraction – perfect without pre-infusion

- Cone with superfine wire – extremely clean cup for a clear taste


The first extraction is the base for the second one: it influences the aromatic notes in the cup, especially if using 2 different coffees. 

The second extraction will highlight the qualities of the used coffee: in the bottom cone is it possible to play with every kind of coffee, tea or other products (fruits, spices….), creating possibility to a professional to experiment with all the possibilities of mixology.

2 different cones for 2 types of extraction

- Upper cone: extraction by percolation

- Bottom cone: extraction by irroration7


DuoDrip is the Rubik Cube of the Barista, a new tool which will take mixology outside the box.

Imagination  is the main ingredient to brew coffee using the DuoDrip: the Barista will play with different coffee blends, different roasting profiles, different grinds, different coffee powder quantities.

The Baristas skills are now at play: DuoDrip is the perfect tool to prove it.

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