Cod. 615830
Making the perfect cup of V60 has never been easier. Samantha is first of its kind that can set your ideal temperature, brew at different pour rates, intervals and volumes, fully controllable with …
€ 600,00
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Cod. 615831
Jimmy combines technology and precision with an attractive design.The scale display is magnetic and removable, with the ability to monitor the scale away from the machine.With the best hardware of any…
€ 200,00
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Cod. 615832
Specifications: Metal-matt surface.Square-shape design.Easy to carry.Keep your scale weighing accurately. Dimensions:30x30x10 mm.
€ 25,00
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Cod. 615836
  Specifications: Waterproof. Special adhesive makes the pad reusable and washable. Dimensions: W 118 x D 118 x H 2 mm  
€ 10,00
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Cod. 615837
Case for model scale: Jimmy from Hiroya. Perfect for safely transporting your scale wherever you want. PU based, durable and textured.Plaid surface and shaped elegantly.Space for accessories, straps…
€ 40,00
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Cod. 615838
Discover the great selection of accessories for your Jimmy scale. - one JIMMY Carrying Box - one scale calibration weight 100g AISI 304 - one silicone protective pad   
€ 70,00
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Cod. 615839
With a simple design, it allows you to keep the filter holder on the scale to allow you to weigh the dose of ground coffee more easily. A great scale accessory: portafilter stand. It is …
€ 40,00
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