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the DuoDrip 'system': When 1 + 1 equals 3

the DuoDrip 'system': When 1 + 1 equals 3
24 March 2016

The three initial questions that David Berti has placed (exact calculation of each single dose, exalt a blend relative to each other, control of over-extraction) have become the pillars of every reasoning that followed, both from the point of view of the choice of materials and of the design of the different parts.

The DuoDrip is not in fact a simple superposition of two identical cones, but is a set of technological elements specially designed by a team of experts in order to function as a system, where the end result is a coffee not obtainable using the two cones separately.

The DuoDrip is in fact composed of a structure that supports two steel cones, whose peculiarity is to work in a synchronic manner, as the two steel cones 316 with different mesh sizes to obtain a result in a clean cup.

The material chosen was deliberately steel, to prevent the use of paper or tissue filters. In the many tests carried out blindly with professional tasters (testing also different brands of water) there has been a slight release of paper or tissue filter’s aroma, which was not found with the steel cone.

"The steel was also chosen by me in order to give the user more control in hygiene and cleanliness of the extraction method," adds Davide, "so that the DuoDrip is ready every time to be used again to extract the most of coffee aroma and to give a very clear and clean cup ".