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Trieste Coffee Festival: Interview to Alberto Polojac, creator of the TCF and to Valentina Fonda, EDO Barista’s project manager

Trieste Coffee Festival: Interview to Alberto Polojac, creator of the TCF and to Valentina Fonda, EDO Barista’s project manager
26 October 2016

16th-23rd October 2016: The Trieste Coffee Festival was a great success for the quality of its activities and for the capacity of involving the whole city. 


From the second half of the 18th Century Trieste has been representing the main coffee center in Europe: import and commerce businesses, roasting firms, coffee  production companies and lots of coffee shops, till the opening of the Coffee Exchange in 1904. Today, the city is still the most important coffee port of the Mediterranean Sea and, coherently to the deep and ancient coffee culture of the city, the number of businesses is one every 300 inhabitants, against a national average of 1 among 400 ones, because meeting each other to drink a coffee is a typical feature of living Trieste.


Interview to Alberto Polojac, creator and chief organizer of the Trieste Coffee Festival:

 “For its third edition, the Trieste Coffee Festival decided to broaden its horizons organizing a real coffee week in  the whole city of Trieste, Capital of the Espresso.

From 16th to 23rd October, the city of Trieste has been involved in more than fifty coffee events, plus several wines and beers testings. Moreover, in the wonderful location of Casa Maier many workshops  related to coffe for children and specialists, art and beauty lessons took place. Among these it’s worth remembering the workshop "Duodrip: Rubik’s cube" with Davide Berti as protagonist.

We can’t be anything but happy about the support of Edo Barista, Nuova Ricambi’s young and dynamic brand, and about receiving its gadgets for the competition Capo in B Championship. We’re also thankful to every exhibitor of the Trieste Coffee Festival. We hope our cooperation will keep on growiwng, especially from the next year event".



Interview to Valentina Fonda, Edo’s project manager:

“The Trieste Coffee Festival 2016 was a great success. We’re really happy we took part and that we had the possibility to see how the city is deeply tight to the world of coffee. Since the 18th Century Trieste is dedined the European Capital of Coffee: I was positively impressed by the fact that several cafès of the city are offering different Specialty Coffees or are using the Cold Drip or the V60, things that can be rarely seen in other cities. The flow of people (both baristas and coffee lovers) and the general interest to the TCF events was such that all spaces were crowded and characterized by an athmosphere of enthusiasm, interest and coffee scent.

In the name of Edo Barista we gave a small contribution to the Festival giving some products of the new collection at the disposal of the different stations of the Barista Free Area and we gave two DuoDrip as a gift:

  • One to be drawn among the participants of Davide Berti’s Workshop. The winner was a real Coffee Lover, Mr. Giorgio De Angelis from Triest. With a personal and peculiar passion for filter coffee, Giorgio was enthusiastic about using the Duodrip at home and personally verifying the extraction differences in comparisn to his traditional V60 that uses paper filters.
  • The second one was given to the great and beautiful barista Tjasa Milkovic, owner of the White Cafè, winner for the third time in a row of the Capo in B Championship 2016. Seventeen baristas from Trieste competed in the creation of the most beloved coffee in Trieste (the Capo in B is a smaller cappuccino, served in a glass). During the competition, the public was brought into the coffee world thanks to the explanation of every stage of the competition and to the anecdotes told by Alberto Polojac.


I’m from Trieste and I now live in Milan, and the success of this festival made me feel even more proud of my origins. I’m glad that our products were useful for the organization and that tjey satisfied the people who were using them.

This year we’ve been very busy at the booth of the TriestEspresso Expo, that was taking place in the very same days in the exhibition area of the Old Port, and for the tests carried out at the trade show, concerning a new product born from an idea of the barista Andrea Villa and developed thanks to the project YOU’RE NEXT! of Edo. Next year I will definitely participate to the TCF even more actively."

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