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Unique tool for perfect coffee distribution in the filter holder.

A useful tool with a particular base, which increases the distribution consistency by maximising sideways movement of the coffee grounds (to improve the uniform spread in the basket) with minimal downward pressure.

The Twister, thanks to the helical shape of its base, simultaneously operates with a rotary movement of equal pressure to redistribute the coffee inside the filter holder, leaving still enough movement of compression when tamping.

The aim is to provide a tool to be confident that your preparation will result in a great extraction. Coffee distribution tool Twister helps achieve a better chance of even distribution, but still allows the tamping action to properly perform the task that its meant to compressing the air pockets out of an evenly distributed coffee bed.  

- Weight: 250 gr
- Colour: black
- Suitable for both left and right handed baristas
- Hand finished base of high grade stainless steel resulting in less static buildup

- External Ø: 80mm
Internal Ø: 74mm
- Suitable for the portafilter of the following models of coffee machines: Brugnetti, Bezzera (gruppi clone E/61), BFC/Royal, Brasilia (gruppi B61), Casadio, Cime, Conti, Expobar, ECM, Rocket, Elektra, Faema, Futurmat, Fiorenzato, CS, Grimac, La Marzocco, La  Pavoni (post Millenium), Simphony Group, Quick Mill, Rancilio, Sanremo, SV SAB ITALIA, Vibiemme,Wega, Faimac, Fiamma RST, La Nuova Era, Magister, Promac, VFA Express, Quality Espresso

How to use Twister?
- Lock the Twister to the filter holder;
- Grind the coffee in the filter holder (in case you are unable to insert the filter holder with the Twister under the coffeegrinder > grind into a glass and then pour the contents into the filter holder);
- Rotate the pin of the twister going up during rotation until it reaches the surface of the coffee panel;
- Remove the Twister and press the coffee.

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