Hario Water Dripper Clear

Hario Water Dripper Clear

Brand: Hario
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Spectacular 2 Litre Coffee Brewing Device (WDC-6) - 1 drop per second

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Make delicious cold brewed coffee and experiment with the fine, medium and large grinds to discover the taste that you will love the most, using 5 to 7 hour Hario water dripper method.
The Water Dripper from Hario works by dripping the cold water from the chamber at the top onto the coffee beans. The fact that the cold water slowly drains through, the acidic taste is eliminated causing the coffee at the bottom of the decanter to taste extra flavourful. You can drink your coffee shortly afterwards over ice or store the concentrate in a refrigerator to enjoy it later on in the day or even couple days later.
Hario Water Dripper Includes :
• Professional experience
• Ability to make a Cold Coffee Drink
• Adjustable drop-by-drop percolation
• Stainless steel filter

How to use Hario Water Dripper
Shut the valve at the top chamber with ice cold water or ice cubes. Add little bit of cold water on the grounds, wet the paper filter place it over the coffee. This allows to disperse the water thoroughly so the coffee is extracted at a consistent rate. You should adjust the valve for approximately 1 drop per second. Once the extraction process begins, it is important to keep checking the Hario water dripper because the water level will decrease, causing the flow-rate to decline.