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An alternative method of extracting coffee, which preserves all the aromas. This coffee maker would be a lovely addition to your coffee shop.

The SNOWTOP Water Drip Coffee Server is a very unique and beautiful looking piece of gear, designed to brew coffee on the countertop instead of in the fridge. You can use both cold and hot water.

An elegant wooden frame encloses all the elements that will make extract a unique coffee and rich in aromas.

What makes this countertop brewer unique is that instead of fully immersing the coffee, the SNOWTOP coffee maker drips cold water over the grounds. This slow dripping of water gives you much more control over your brew and the strength of your coffee. You’ll also be able to watch as the coffee is brewed allowing you to increase or decrease the rate of flow for better results.

Capacity: 440 ml

Size: Base 19 x Top 15 x H 49 cm 


* You will find the instructions inside the package.

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