Manual Coffee Machine Robot Barista Line

Item code: 615748
€ 630,00 (without VAT)

Barista Line, with pressure gauge. The Robot is a small, high-quality manual coffee maker that makes real espresso.

No plastic or electric parts but only top quality material, such as stainless steel. You will need to have only ground coffee, some hot water from a kettle and you're done.

The Barista Line, compared to the Regular Line, has in addition a pressure gauge system that measures the actual pressure inside the drum during extraction.

Inside the box:
1 main body of the robot with the arms and base mounted.
Complete set of installed pressure gauge 
1 filter holder and 1 filter holder spout
1 basket
1 tamper in stainless steel
1 stainless steel dispersion disk (filter screen)
1 silicone mat
Teflon closing piston and washer (if you have the Barista version)

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