Item code: 200301
€ 5,80 (without VAT)

Hard feldspathic porcelain saucer for Milano, Ischia, Genova and Aosta cups

All IPA saucers provide:
• high resistance to thermal shock of the dishwasher;
• maximum resistance to scratches and shock;
• absolute hygiene guaranteed by the full resistance.
• unique features, dedicated to users who demand the highest degree of quality, essential in professional use.

Among the ceramic materials used to produce tableware, hard feldspathic porcelain is the best choice, because it best summarizes characteristics of resistance, hygiene and aesthetics. Unlike other ceramic materials, porcelain used is produced at high temperatures (1400 ° C), in a controlled atmosphere (reducing) and with pure and scientifically dosed raw materials. The further confirmation of the quality detectable in the products is guaranteed by scrupulous and constant controls, "cup for cup" during the production cycle.

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