COFFEEMAKERS by Enrico Maltoni

COFFEEMAKERS by Enrico Maltoni

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The encyclopedia of coffee makers: precious machines photographed in the most important collectors' houses.

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“A unique encyclopaedia of coffee makers packed with information: 2700 images, 2080 technical descriptions and countless texts split into various historical periods. This book features all the different kinds of coffee makers produced to date, photographed in the homes of collectors from all over the world”.

Format: 24.5x30cm - Pages: 776
Publisher: Collezione Enrico Maltoni 1st Edition - 2013
Italian/English - Colour illustrations

Coffee Makers. I can identify with the title and, indeed, have always felt this way: that I am someone who makes coffee. Just like a trusted coffeepot or a state-of-the-art or even futuristic espresso maker."
(Preface by Giuseppe Lavazza)

Two years of in-depth research carried out all over the world discovering coffee makers, valuable machines photographed in the homes of the most important collectors.

An encyclopaedia of thousands of images featuring original documents (patents, catalogues, manuals, advertising postcards, operating diagrams) and detailed technical captions, but also a pleasant read packed with anecdotes which have never been published before.

Four hundred years of history, from the origins of coffee with its complicated ceremonials and simple equipment to today’s electric espresso machines. An exhaustive work for coffee lovers, which will also interest those who are just discovering the fascinating machines used for the daily ritual of coffee preparation.

2700 images;
60 technical drawings depicting how the machines work;
220 advertising postcards and posters from various periods;
76 coffee-themed paper seals for letters;
40 images of instructions showing how the machines work;
55 images of original patents;
35 images of original catalogues;
55 pages of texts of historical research;
2080 detailed captions.