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made by Nuova Ricambi

Nuova Ricambi’s milk pitcher Thermometer is designed to help you make hot beverages both at home and at the bar.
Recommended temperatures:
- Coffee- espresso: brewed between 88°C and 93°C
- Hot chocolate: 79°C to 82°C
- Steamed milk: 66°C to 77°C

Should it be subjected to shock or extreme temperature changes, this thermometer can be calibrated.
To recalibrate, immerse the steam for at least 7.5 cm into a medium such as hot water or oil of known temperature (you will need a second thermometer, either glass or digital, to verify the control temperature). Wait at least one minute for the thermometer to reach equilibrium. By holding the hex nut securely with a wrench or pliers, the thermometer can be adjusted until the pointer reads the desired temperature.

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