Hario Drip Pot Olive Woodneck Heat Protection  DPW-3-OV

Hario Drip Pot Olive Woodneck Heat Protection DPW-3-OV

Brand: Hario
€ 52,00 (without VAT)

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For a freshly brewed, rich-flavour coffee using a traditional brewing method


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With Hario Woodneck Drip Pot Olive Wood you can prepare a delicious coffee using one of the oldest methods to brew coffee

What makes the cloth method different? The coffee brews for longer when you use a cloth to extract all the goodness from your favourite coffee beans. The result is a robust, full-flavoured and strong tasting coffee.

The Hario Drip Pot Cloth uses flannel material to filter instead of a regular paper filter. Drinking this type of coffee is ideal when you need a boost. With the Hario drip pot you can start each morning full of energy.

The stylish Drip Pot from Hario has an olive woodneck and fits into any environment. The heatproof glass and olive wood-neck allows you to handle the pot even when it’s extremely hot.


Caracteristics of the DPW-3-OV

  • 1x Borosilicate Glass Drip Pot
  • Olive Wood for Heat Protection
  • Heatproof Glassware from Japan
  • Flannel Cloth
  • Perferct for 3 Rich-Flavour cups of coffee