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600ml glass decanter used in cafés and homes to manually brew coffee.

The V60 Range Server Clear is a glass decanter and it works perfectly with 2 cups V60's. It is a great way to let your coffee cool slightly so you can enjoy it fully. If your coffee or tea has cooled down too much, you can easily reheat it using a microwave.

The Hario V60 Range Server is designed to fit any of V60 drippers, making it ideal for serving delicious coffee. It is made of heat-proof glass and the lid has a rubber insert to hold your tea/coffee warm for longer. The V60 Range Server has an elegant design which is easy to clean, works great and looks superb in any environment. It is a good addition to your V60 setup.


• Professional decanter for domestic use too
• Easy to use and clean
• Made In Japan
• Heat-proof glassware
• Microwavable
• Compatible with Hario V60 drippers
• 600ml capacity (4 cups)

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