Cod. 615756
Designed to fit the shape of the fingers and the hand perfectly, resulting in a comfortable tamping experience every time. Handle is made from a solid bar of high grade aluminium, CNC turned and then…
€ 75,00
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Cod. 615759
This tamping stand is made from solid 304 stainless steel. The top and bottom feature durable rubber pads. You can use this with either a spouted or naked portafilter to keep your work surface clean …
Cod. 615760
Rubber Tamper Seat Ø 78 x 60 - H 15, Practical on supporting the tamper after pressing.
€ 2,00
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Cod. 615765
Keeping your group clean around the gasket area and the bayonet ring is a vital component to being able to produce coffee the way the roaster intended. The patented Cafelat cleaning brush is designed…
€ 19,50
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Cod. 615766
The Small Tubbi is the perfect accessory for home baristas to help you dispose of the espresso pucks: it may seems small, but it can comfortably hold 10 double pucks of coffee before it needs …
€ 36,00
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Cod. 615767
The Small Tubbi is the perfect accessory for home baristas to help you dispose of the espresso pucks. It has been over a year in development and gone through many prototypes but finally we got there …
€ 37,00
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Cod. 615768
Flat tamping mats are a must-have accessory for every barista workstation. In busy coffee bars they give baristas much needed cushioning when tamping hundreds if not thousands of times per day and for…
€ 27,00
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Cod. 615769
This is the smallest of Cafelat tamping mats and is made from the same durable rubber as the others. It also features a small overhang if you want to tamp on the corner edge. The perfect mat to …
€ 25,00
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Cod. 615771
The Cafelat microfibre cleaning cloths are perfect for cleaning a wide range of surfaces without the need for detergents. The cloths work best dry or slightly damp and will bring out the shine on …
€ 26,00
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Cod. 615772
The Cafelat corner tamping mat is our unique and innovative solution for those baristas who like to tamp with the portafilter on the edge of the table. Cute and incredibly functional, its compact size…
€ 28,00
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Cod. 615773
The Large Tubbi is the perfect knokbox for home baristas and it can comfortably hold 40 double pucks of coffee before it needs emptying. It features a press fit silicone gasket on the bottom which …
€ 49,00
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Cod. 615774
Box of 3 pairs of replaceable wire bristles for the Cafelat cleaning brush. The main brush handle is reusable and the bristles easy to swap. Instructions on how to change the bristles are included in …
€ 16,00
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Cod. 615775
Spare bar for Cafelat Large Tubbi knok box. Features: Anti-Slip bar Length 18,5cm / Ø 25mm
€ 9,00
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Cod. 615776
The main body is stainless steel with a brushed finish, the bar has a solid stainless steel inner core with a very durable TPR over mould and all other parts are silicone rubber. Inside is a beautiful…
€ 85,00
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Cod. 620445F
ø 49mm alluminium coffee tamper produced by Nuova Ricambi. MOCA certified.  
€ 10,00
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